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Hey there! I’m the author of this fine blog!  Welcome to my small corner of the earth where I write about homemaking, homeschooling, marriage, finances, Orthodox Christianity, parenting, meal planning, creative endeavors and of course my random thoughts and ideas.  Have a look around, add me to your RSS feed and comment on my posts.

Who am I?

I am first and foremost the adoring wife to an amazing man who spends his days programming for mobile platforms, fathering his children and of course, loving me.  The remainder of my daily energies and focus goes toward my three lovely children whom I  stay home with and homeschool.  Creativity keeps me going.  Prior to raising my own children I was a passionate dance and music instructor.  I hold a Bachelor of liberal arts degree in Dance, music and human development.  I am also a certified Kindermusik instructor.  At one time I was driven toward some amazing career  (I’m sure you would have heard about my fame by now had I stayed that course!).  Instead, I now seek ultimate satisfaction in raising my children.  Life doesn’t always go in the direction of youthful fantasies and I have (and continue to) come to terms with the value of bearing children.  I now realize that contributing to the next generation is a much more fulfilling career than my young brain insisted upon in my former life.   You can usually find me (holding at least one child wearing some assortment of foods or bodily fluid from said child) drawing, woodworking, biking, dance clubbing it up in the living room, cleaning, or schooling with my adorable family.

After years of spiritual turmoil, I converted to Orthodox Christianity.  My husband is essentially cradle Orthodox and together we are guiding our children in an Orthodox home.  I continue to learn amazing things about the church which I am excited to share with you.

Hang around for a while!

Thanks for visiting me!  Make yourself at home, have a cup of tea (or about five cups of coffee…. or maybe a glass or two of wine…) with me and I’ll share my thoughts, tips and ideals with you!

Contact me via Email at emotherhood@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter 

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