The Binky Bucket

Our third baby is an interesting little critter.  She is very sweet, very strong willed, and very awake.  She has not been a great sleeper and we are just now getting full nights sleep (10 months after she was born).  She relies on comfort items like a specific blanket, a special doll, a binky, mom or dad… But the binky is the most important.

The only binky she has ever liked is the one she got at the hospital–the little round Soothies where you can see the inside of their mouths through the nipple.  Yup, the alien binky.  They are funny looking things–almost as big as a newborn’s head.

Oh, and they bounce.

And once they have bounced, they roll long ways in unintuitive directions.

And vanish.

Mostly when you need them with urgency.

Which is usually in the middle of the night when you can’t see and are stumbling in the dark trying to get to the whimpering baby as fast as you can.  You’ve got to get that binky back to her before she wakes all the way up.

But where is it?!

It has fallen out of the crib bars and bounced and rolled into unseen places.

The other day hubby and I went to the store and bought six extra binkies.  For a total of nine.  We cleaned them and put them in a bowl.  On our dresser.  Where we can find them.




Introducing The Binky Bucket:


It’s the simple things that make life easier.


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