Menu Planning

I began weekly menu planning lately and it’s working fabulously!  I used to think I had to make a fully homemade complex meal every night (and before having three children, I could).

But let’s be real here.  I don’t have the time or the energy by the end of the day to make everything from scratch so I meal plan accordingly.  Each week, I think about my limits and I am honest with myself and my husband.  I enjoy cooking so I don’t want to get burned out cooking a three course meal every night.

My weekly meal requirements go something like this: four to five meals made from scratch, one frozen dinner and one night eating out or ordering in.  Sometimes it works out for a night of leftovers or sandwiches but it depends on the week.  I figure if there are days when we are home all day I can make the meals that are better for my family on those nights–I won’t be stressed trying to get the kids somewhere for a class or shopping trip and I can get into my cooking zen early and have dinner prepared by a proper hour.  The kids also enjoy helping on those days.  But there are a few nights a week when dinner needs to be on the table quickly–that’s when we order out or I pop in a frozen dinner.


To make a menu board, get a nice picture frame and put wrapping paper inside. Use dry erase markers on the outside of the frame.

Each Sunday evening I sit down and come up with recipes that seem interesting for the week.  I make my shopping list, I write our weekly menu on our board and I get all the supplies needed for the week the next morning. The menu board has been essential–everyone knows what to expect for the evening meal and I am reminded of when I need to start preparation.

I’ll be sharing my weekly menus here on the blog–perhaps you can find some inspiration from it. I get a lot of my meal ideas from places like pinterest, blogs, cook books and websites.  Cheers!


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