Waldorf Nature Table Meets Orthodox Icon Table


As I have said before, I adore “Waldorfian ideologies” but I do like to incorporate our Orthodox Christian faith into the mix as well.  The concept of the Waldorf nature table is absolutely precious–what a sweet way to settle your children into the idea of seasons and celebrations.  (Here is a good explanation of the nature table concept.)

Something that I love about Children’s Garden of the Theotokos is that they use the idea of the nature table as a basis for the family icon table.  Instead of having the table scarf be of a seasonal color, it is of a liturgical color coinciding with the church calendar.  We have placed winter branches on the table as well as some candles and the icons of Christ and the Theotokos.  (Candles are a great way to instill a feeling of reverence for children making an event rhythmical and special–they can be used during prayers or on the dining table during meals etc signifying a time when they are to act with respect and good behavior.)

And so our family icon table meets nature table to create a special place signifying a season or celebration where the family can gather together throughout the day.


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