“My Can’t Know!”


My three year old often replaces “I” for “my” when referring to herself.  She has many little quirky ways of saying things that make her all the more charming.  My favorite right now being “my can’t know.”  When I ask her where something is, or what something means or ask her if she knows how to do something, she usually responds with “my can’t know.”  This has actually become very profound to me.

You see, every child should respond this way because it is such raw truth.  “Where are your shoes,” I’ll ask, to which she responds, “My can’t know.”  Or “Would you sort your toys into their proper baskets?” “My can’t know.”  “Do you know what ___ means?” “My can’t know.”  She isn’t tell me “no.” She isn’t simply telling me she can’t.  She is telling me “I can’t know because you haven’t taught me.”

Children are so pure and new and fresh.

I often fall into the daily grind of adulthood and parental responsibility and forget that my children really don’t know very much still.  They can’t know.  They haven’t been taught.  Every single moment of every single day while they are young, is something new.  Something that will grow their minds, their personality, their abilities.

Everything is new and amazing to children. After being reminded how almost every moment of the day is a teaching moment, I now approach most things with a lesson.  They will know because I will teach them.


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