Learning the Appropriate Time


With three kids in tow, I’m becoming much more organized and routine.  Normally I’m very free spirited and relaxed about how I do things but I’m gradually transforming into super mom!  And as super mom, it’s all got to get done efficiently and at the proper times so the day runs smoothly.

The hardest part of this is telling my kids when they can or cannot do something.  I am very fortunate to have kids that love to help.  But no matter how generous they are and how much they want to lend a hand, it has to be done at the appropriate time.  There have been many times lately where the kids want to do a chore instead of what is currently taking place.

My three year old just came into the kitchen and really wanted to unload the dishwasher.  But it’s quiet time.  “When quiet time is over we will unload the dishwasher”, I told her.  It’s funny to think I wouldn’t jump on the opportunity to let her help me–I used to.  I used to be afraid not letting them help would destroy their helping spirit. But I believe this is a form of discipline.  We can’t always do things when we want to do them.  They have to be done when it is time for them to be done.  Without quiet time, the children are grumpier (as is mommy) and the ability to efficiently get the rest of the day’s work done will drop drastically.

I do, however, believe how you deny their desires is key.  I tell them I appreciate their willingness to serve but we are all learning about when the appropriate time is to preform a certain task. And when that time comes we will all be happy to preform the task together–it is something to look forward to when our current task is finished.

Perhaps this will lead to other situations such as “church is not the time to run a marathon!” And “The baby’s nap time is not the time to have stomping practice!”


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