“I Just Want To Fold The Laundry”


Grasping onto living life as a stay at home mom has been a rough transition for me.  (I will be writing a series about this in the near future).  But something changed when I had my third child last year.  The initial adjustment to having a new born again was a bit painful, but I gradually became a more and more focused mother.  The fact that I absolutely, without a doubt, had positively no time to think about what I’d rather be doing with my life, actually brought me a profound sense of peace. I grew completely focused on those sweet little faces that look to me for love and care every day.  And I started realizing how much I enjoying being with them!  And how much I want to care for them.  And how much I just want to fold the dang laundry!!!

The day I realized I had finally grasped motherhood was when my youngest was just a few months old.  Prior to her being born, I had finally gotten into a cleaning and laundry routine where I didn’t fall behind.  After she was born, that obviously changed and I can remember one night staring at a pile of laundry that I had managed to get washed but not folded.  I was at a breaking point.  My husband came into the room and asked if he could help me with anything. I just about collapsed in tears.  “I just want to fold the laundry!” I whimpered.  So he took the baby and I folded the laundry and I felt much better about the world.

In the past I would have said, “I just want to dance,” “I just want to go back to school,” I just want to work.”  But not now.  I feel so focused on being a mom (finally) that I just want to put the baby down long enough to fold her little pjs.  Nap times have become a time of regrouping for me while I find my zen sweeping the floors.  How things have changed!  And how lovely it is!


4 thoughts on ““I Just Want To Fold The Laundry”

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  2. The picture made me giggle:) My husband is never home because he travels and when my third child was a baby, I used to lay him right on top of the warm laundry, haul him in the basket of laundry up the stairs, toss him and the laundry on the bed and start folding right there. He loved having the warm laundry all around him! Your picture just reminded me of those days:)

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