Going With The Flow

The second most difficult thing I’ve had to get used to in parenthood (the first being routine), is going with the flow.

For the past week, my baby girl has been super sick. And today we woke up to the toddler coughing and puking (fun, eh?).  We were supposed to have a delightfully full day of swimming with fellow homeschoolers, grocery shopping, cleaning, schooling and then this evening we were going to have our priest over for dinner and a house blessing.  I’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks.  We just moved to the area so meeting up with some other moms was a really big deal for me.

But, alas, two out of three kids are very sick and the third has a sore throat.  Everything was cancelled to all of our disappointment.  As a mother, it can be difficult to face not only the disappointments of your child but also your own disappointments.  This is when I begin my mantras: “This will pass”, “There will be other opportunities”, “My child needs rest and so do I”.

Sometimes it’s good to just stop and take some time out.

The kids took an extra long quiet/nap time today which enabled me to do some much needed cleaning (which I have found I actually enjoy these days).  We will have another chance to get connected with other kids and moms.  Today is for rest and rejuvenation.


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