Why I Homeschool

Lots of times homeschool families get asked the question “why do you homeschool” (or other variants of the questions like “Why would you do that?” “Are you crazy?”  “Did your kid get suspended?”)  So for the record, here are my reasons why I finally became dedicated to homeschooling in no particular order:

1)  I got tired of not knowing what my child was doing all day (and usually hearing a few days later from the teacher if something had gone wrong)

2)  I found the educational material that was being taught to my child to be lacking of important aspects such as… oh..  say.. morals for instance.

3)  Half way through my child’s third grade year I realized he didn’t know what the 10 commandments were (had I really expected him to learn this in public school?!)

4) When my child is gone from eight AM to three PM every day, I realized I no longer really knew him, his interests or anything he was experiencing lately.

5) Bullies.  Not just the kid kind either.

6) Teachers willing to break a child’s spirit over poor cursive.

7)  The very weak fact that I absolutely cannot stand waking up my baby from her precious afternoon nap to go pick up my other kid from school while my third child either passes out in the car or cries the entire time we sit in the pick up line.

8)  The profound idea that I realized a very short time ago, that I have absolutely nothing better to do with myself than spend each day teaching and loving my own offspring. (And that is not a let down or put down either–there is nothing more amazing and fulfilling than being with and teaching my children.)

9) After finishing all the major requirements for the human development program in college, I left the department because I couldn’t stand teaching other peoples kids but I love love love teaching my own.

10) I have the ability, the desire, the will, the talent, the mind and the passion to spend each day teaching my children, learning with them, playing with them, dancing with them and creating with them.  This time will pass so soon.  Why would I want to shorten this precious time I have with the most awesome little people on earth in order to main stream my free spirited self and send them away for six hours a day? Nope!  At least for now, I’m spending each day doing what I can for them and treasuring each moment I have with my little blessings.


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