The Learning Curve


Two weeks ago we began homeschooling.  I have home schooled before.  I’ve used an eclectic approach in the past and I’ve used an online charter school.  Neither really worked well for us so boyo was placed back on the bus and transported to school each day so mom could catch her breath again.  (You can read why I decided to homeschool again here.)

So to avoid any potential burn out, I decided to go with a curriculum that fit our family, my personality and educational philosophies.  I don’t want to be dictated what my days or weekly schedule should look like so I did not use an online program–just one that was put together and ready to use.  (You can find my reviews of previous programs we’ve tried here.) This year we are using Oak Meadow for third grade and preschool.  As a supplementary curriculum, I’ve added Children’s Garden Of The Theotokos .  Both are working so well.  They keep an eight year old, a three year old and a mommy all well engaged.

Here’s my anecdotal word of wisdom ,however: when you start a new curriculum, don’t just read about it, the first lessons, or how to teach it… read the scheduling section as well.  I read that you should only be spending three hours a day in actual work time and we were nearing on five hours and barely getting through it all.  I was religiously teaching one lesson a day…. just one lesson…. wait… one lesson=one week!!!  Yes, we have completed six weeks of work in two weeks.  Oy!  Can I get a cheer for being the most efficient and awesome homeschool mom in all history?!  Not only were we completing a weeks worth of work in a day, we were all enjoying it!!

We have since taken a few less intense days to do things like art, cooking, and playing outside (and grocery shopping, and cleaning, and laundry, and sleeping).  And we will probably continue flying through the first trimester as the majority of it is review for boyo but I am looking forward to going at a slower pace and teaching things in a less frenzied manner in the very near future.

Learning a new curriculum, running a household again, and being a stay at home mother to three has sent me on one intense learning curve!


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